Methods and Applications of Computational Chemistry

Fifth Symposium, 1 - 5 July 2013, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Both poster and brief oral presentations are welcomed. Abstracts corresponding to the scope of the Symposium are accepted without reviewing. However, the organizers are not responsible for the scientific content of the abstracts.

Oral presentations should be approved by the organizers.


Alexey Arbuznikov (Germany)Xavier Assfeld (France)
Alexander Bagaturyants (Russian Federation)Mikhail Basilevsky (Russian Federation)
Daniel Boese (Germany)Remi Chauvin (France)
Vladyslav Cheranovskii (Ukraine)Vladyslav Cheranovskii (Ukraine)
Mark Cronin (United Kingdom)Dmitrii Fil (Ukraine)
Leonid Gorb (USA, Ukraine)Jiande Gu (China)
Frank Hagelberg (USA)Oleg Kalugin (Ukraine)
Ilya Kaplan (Mexico)Anna Krylov (USA)
Gulnara Kuramshina (Russian Federation)Victor Kuz'min (Ukraine)
Zdzislav Latajka (Poland)Christine Lepetit (France)
Jerzy Leszczynski (USA)Istvan Mayer (Hungary)
Klaus Merz (Germany)Claude Millot (France)
Michel Mons (France)Tanja van Mourik (United Kingdom)
Dmitry Nerukh (United Kingdom)Albert Poater (Spain)
Vladimir Poroikov (Russian Federation)Oleg Prezhdo (USA)
Jean-Louis Rivail (France)Szczepan Roszak (Poland)
Oleg Shishkin (Ukraine)Daniel Tunega (Austria)
Pavel Vassiliev (Russian Federation)Igor Zilberberg (Russian Federation)

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